The Fantasia Duooriginal acts

The unique nature of the «Fantasia» duet’s style lies in the effortless and elegant performance of acts.
Supreme level of performance mastery, excellent appearance, radiant smiles and a world of charm.
A true jewel of any concert!

«Fantasia fairy tale»

An acrobatic adagio A concert act in the golden Hollywood style with beautiful music and flawless costumes


A heroic composition You'll be shown
a living chronicle
of young people’s life story.
e They live, love,
dream of happiness,
but their life is tragically
torn by the war...
They left us having left
so much life
and love unexperienced,
like many of those
we knew and loved
and can never forget…

«Lambada»     An ostrich dance

An amusing genre sketch filled
with Lambada rhythm.
The bright, picturesque, lively,
non-stop Lambada is happily
welcomed by spectators.
It’s a story about cloudless
youth, love and birth
of a young
happy family.