The Fantasia Duooriginal acts

The unique nature of the «Fantasia» duet’s style lies in the effortless and elegant performance of acts.
Supreme level of performance mastery, excellent appearance, radiant smiles and a world of charm.
A true jewel of any concert!

Our acts

«Fantasia fairy tale»
An acrobatic adagio

A concert act in the golden Hollywood style with beautiful music and flawless costumes.
«Fantasia Fairy Tale» is a song without words about Love that is pure and exalted. The culture of human relations in noble gestures, a combination of love and tenderness, strength and valor. Spectators alternate holding their breath and storms of applause!
Does your audience think it saw everything? Is it hard to please?
It is bound to be thunderstruck by the «Fantasia» duet!
This truly is worth eye-witnessing!

The act is intended for: concert halls, high-level receptions, corporate parties, wedding receptions and other social events.
Duration of the act: 5m.

Minimum stage requirements: length 4 m, width 3 m, height 3.5 m
«Fantasia fairy tale»

Original acts. A blend of choreography and acrobatics.

Production director: T. N. Kotlyarova
Composer: Artelani «More»

A heroic composition

You will be shown a living chronicle of young people’s life story.
They live, love, dream of happiness, but their life is tragically torn by the war. They left us having left so much life and love unexperienced, like many of those we knew and loved and can never forget…
This act will leave no one indifferent. Reaction of spectators is simply astounding: People recognize in them their friends or relatives of similar fate, shout their names, words of gratitude, cry.
There can be no doubt that images created by the artists will forever remain in the hearts of shocked spectators.

The act is intended to be a part of concerts and events dedicated to the holidays of Victory, Russian Army, Police, Border guard, Airborne troops, the Taking of… the Liberation of… etc., as well as events dedicated to other memorable Dates and Jubilees.
Duration of the act: 5m.

Minimum stage requirements: length 8 m., width 3 m, height 3.5 m - 4 m, no auxiliary technical means are required on the stage.
«Banner» The act was restored in 2008.

Original act. A blend of choreography, acrobatics, pantomime.

Stage director: Honored artist of the Russian Federation, USSR state prize winner L. I. Karpenko
Choreographer: Honored artist of the Russian Federation, USSR state prize winner I. M. Dagaeva
Composer: I. S. Korolev

An ostrich dance

An amusing genre sketch filled with Lambada dancing rhythm. It’s a story about cloudless youth, love and birth of a young happy family. The plot is easily readable by both adults and children. The act is not only entertaining, but also educative for young people.
The bright, picturesque, lively, non-stop Lambada is happily welcomed by spectators, wakes them up, puts them in a holiday mood.

Intended for all celebration events - for children, adults or the whole family.
Duration of the act: 5 min.

Stage requirements: length 3 m, width 2 m.

Original act. A dance with ostrich dolls.

Music: Caoma «Dancando lambada»

A single event or concert may include one, two or three acts with an interval of 10-15 minutes between each.